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Monday, February 19th 2018
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UNSW students claim first place in mediation
Wednesday, 15th February 2018

"A team of UNSW Law students have won the world’s t...

Dispute resolution agenda: accessing company information
Wednesday, 8th February 2018

"Often private companies are collectively owned by families, friends or close business associates who, at incorporation, saw little need to enter into stakeholder agreements to provide them with access to company information.

Medico-legal dispute resolution programs
Wednesday, 1st February 2018

"In highly litigious societies, especially the USA and to some degree in Australia, when there is medical negligence, th...

ACT Gambling Commission, Raiders Club enter mediation over largest ever fine
Tuesday, 17th January 2018

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What this meditation expert thinks of silly season stress might surprise you
Thursday, 15th December 2017

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Turnbull Government and dispute resolution
Thursday, 8th December 2017

"The Turnbull Government has announced that Treasury will review the current rules governing early release of superannuation on grounds of severe financial hardship and compassionate grounds.

New Senate report backs national farm debt mediation scheme
Thursday, 8th December 2017

"A SENATE inquiry into primary production financial lending has made 27 recommendations aimed at enhancing farmers’ powers and rights in sensitive areas like debt mediation and farm foreclosures.

Federal Court accepts Fair Work mediation after landslide 'no' vote
Monday, 28th November 2017

"Federal Court bosses will accept an offer from the industrial umpire to mediate its workplace battle with staff after they emphatically rejected a second pay offer with a landslide 'no' vote.

Proposed Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) reporting requirements to ASIC
Monday, 28th November 2017

"Since the Ramsay Review commenced in 2016, there has been significant progress toward a new framework for External Dispute Resolution (EDR) in Australia. The new framework will include the establishment of the Australian Financial Complaints Authori...

Neighbourhood disputes in Victoria hit 20,000 complaints in 2015-16
Monday, 28th November 2017

"FROM vegetarian neighbours complaining about meat barbecues or a 25-year friendship going bust over a missing CD, spot fires are breaking out in our suburbs."

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