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Friday, July 20th 2018
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Quick e-divorce to save couples time and money

Thursday, 11th August 2017

"Australian couples may soon be settling the terms of their divorces themselves, using a quick online dispute resolution system, avoiding long and costly legal wrangles. 

The federal government has provided $340,000 in seed funding to National Legal Aid to ­develop an online family law dispute resolution system, similar to that used by eBay to resolve vendor-vendee disputes.

NLA believes up to 20 per cent of all family law disputes could be resolved by an online dispute resolution (ODR) system, with such technology already in use in Holland and Britain. It guides separating couples through likely outcomes — in terms of child custody or property distribution — should they go to court, based on results in similar cases.

NLA chairman Graham Hill said the system would guide couples towards their own agreed settlement, which would be ratified by the Family Court, potentially saving years and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

“The project would use artificial intelligence to deliver low-cost, user-friendly legal assistance to help separating couples identify their differences and work through them,” Dr Hill said."

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