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Friday, June 22nd 2018
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Cross-cultural community mediation: insights for mainstream practice

Thursday, 11th August 2017

"Drawing on over 20 years of experience working in remote and cross-cultural landscapes, Sarah Blake will explore with you a case study on some of the challenges of complex, multi-party, whole-of-community mediations.

In cross cultural settings, it is important that mediators facilitate decision-making that engages with and respects the cultural norms and systemic needs from multiple perspectives. It is often complex involving many parties, support people, lawyers and mediators all wrestling with being effective in this space. This ethical dimension weaves a curious influence, shaping the mediation process beyond mere formula into something unique.

This presentation draws together such challenges, presenting an opportunity to reflect on issues such as confidentiality, legal protections, power and capacity.

Sarah will share some of her insights into how these challenges have shaped her mainstream practices. As well, Sarah frames the conversation to encourage cross-fertilization across different types of conflict resolution practice, asking about:

• Purpose – what you are doing?

• Legitimate authority – how you are doing it?

• Responsibility – who (you, them and us)?

Sarah will provide a case study ahead of the session to encourage you to engage in the topic and actively participate."

Select the link to learn more about this webinar and the host, Sarah Blake. 

Language: English

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