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Monday, February 18th 2019
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Let Mediation Be Mediation: Conciliation Versus Mediation in Brazil
Monday, 18th December 2018

"In 1999, I had just returned to Brazil from the United States with a Ph.D. thesis on ADR when a mediator colleague invited me to attend and appraise a mediation session. I was eager to do that and observed, minute by minute, the rich communication i...

Communication for Online Negotiation
Friday, 17th November 2018

"Online negotiators are often faced with the challenge of how to overcome barriers on communication. When in real life (or better, when in non digital life) body language, voice tone and appearance enrich the communication process giving more tools f...

Masterclass with Daniel Rainey on ODR - November 7th
Monday, 16th October 2018

Designing – Methodology – Implementation – Ethics

ODR as an Effective Method to Ensure Access to Justice: The Worrying, But Promising Brazilian Case
Thursday, 28th September 2018

"If we increasingly use the internet and all its functions, which, by the way, are becoming closer and closer at an astonishing speed – in a short time, ODR will occupy a relevant space in dispute settlement. In Brazil, arbitration took appr...

Online Dispute Resolution in Brazil: a major opportunity for stakeholders
Sunday, 10th September 2018

"The arrival of the internet age has posed many new challenges as a larger part of the economy has started to operate online and transnationally with a new emerging framework. After the spread of the global computer network and the rise of online ...

CIESP/FIESP Released New Dispute Board Rules For Complex Agreements
Thursday, 7th September 2018

"New CIESP/FIESP rules came into force to establish dispute boards during the execution of complex agreements.The p...

Brazil on the Edge of Making Lawyers Mandatory for Mediation
Monday, 10th July 2018

"Brazil is on its way to making lawyers mandatory on mediation procedures. Last month the House of Representatives approved a bill (

ADR developments in Brazil
Thursday, 16th March 2018

The development of the use of ADRs in Brazil is impressive. As a court decision takes around 5 to 10 years, companies have been opting for arbitratio...

Elementary My Dear Watson!
Thursday, 11th August 2017

"In 2011, a computer gained fame as a celebrity. Its name was 

Mediation Advocacy Webinars Series Webinars de Advocacia na Mediação Boas Práticas da Advocacia na Mediação
Saturday, 19th March 2017

Mediation Advocacy Webinars Series

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