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Wednesday, June 19th 2019
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Communication for Online Negotiation

Friday, 17th November 2018

"Online negotiators are often faced with the challenge of how to overcome barriers on communication. When in real life (or better, when in non digital life) body language, voice tone and appearance enrich the communication process giving more tools for both communicators to express and understand the message, therefore making any negotiation more fluid and easier to build a rapport with your counterpart.

People tend to share more information when in person, but in online negotiations, they tend to hold back private information. This is due to the fact that any communication process is a two way street, which depends on both the sender and the receiver. How many times have you written a very thoughtful e-mail but the receiver didn’t read it with attention? Or maybe in whatsapp sometimes we left waiting for hours before an answer comes along.

Nevertheless, the benefits of online dispute resolution are well known: it breaks geographic and economic barriers and saves money and time for participants. Besides, it is a gateway for data collection and development of new technologies, softwares and artificial intelligence. In a smaller scale, as individual professionals of Alternative Dispute Resolution, we can benefit greatly of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) if only we are aware of which techniques and strategies best apply in this field."

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Source: FindResolution
Language: English
Contact: Andrea Maia

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