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Thursday, June 20th 2019
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<p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt; text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">Project of Law in Mediation: The first draft of the bill in Mediation is dated of 1998, presented to the House of representatives by the representative Zulai&ecirc; Cobra and written by the multidiscipline group composed, especially, by jurists and psychologists. Approved in the Chamber, the text was sent to the Senate where it gained another version, signed by the Senator Peter Simon which was approved on 11 of July of 2006. At the moment this text is in the House of representatives for new approval, as it is a substitute text. It is attached a text&nbsp;with the&nbsp;background of the initial stage&nbsp;of such bill&nbsp;in Brazil.</p>

doc file PLM último texto com parecer.doc
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