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Wednesday, March 20th 2019
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Interim Adjudication Amendments: Authority And Timelines
Monday, 19th March 2019

"Part II.1 of the Construction Act (Ontario) (the "Act") introduces a new mandatory interim dispute resolution adjudication process which comes into force October 1st, 2019. It is imperative that both owners and contractors ...

Manitoba Custody disputes, family separation to be handled outside courts under new Manitoba law
Tuesday, 13th March 2019

"Legislation introduced Tuesday will make it mandatory for most common-law partners in Winnipeg to deal with disagreements using a new dispute resolution service, rather than the courts, as part of a three-year pilot project."The...

Procurement Perspectives: An alternative process to dispute resolution
Tuesday, 13th March 2019

"The term “expert determination” describes a dispute resolution procedure under which the parties jointly instruct an expert to decide an issue, with the understanding that determination shall be contractually binding. Expert determ...

Avoiding real estate litigation
Monday, 29th January 2019

"Regina lawyer Rodger Linka became increasingly disillusioned about the litigation process. In a transition period after practising law for 40 years, he took a serious look at the alternative dispute resolution process, recently becoming a mediato...

The science of separation: local lawyer gives free family law lessons
Friday, 12th January 2019

"Did you know there is an entire field of licensed mental health practitioners who specialize in guiding families through the process of divorce? They're aptly called divorce coaches and it's one of the many family law services&nb...

WorWorking with both spouses to mediate a divorce proceeding
Friday, 12th January 2019

"Tracy Kendel, the owner of Fairway Divorce Solutions, explains how mediation can be used in divorce proceedings to ensure parents can co-parent their children."  Watch this interview in full:

Indigenous peoples often prefer to deal with conflict resolution within own communities, conference told
Wednesday, 3rd January 2019

" Approaches to conflict dispute resolution are different in the Indigenous family context and legal professionals need to educate themselves on cultural variances in order to ethically and effectively assist them, explained Katherine Hens...

Who Pays the Mediator for an Ontario MVA Mandatory Mediation?
Monday, 18th December 2018

"While The Kluwer Mediation Blog is aimed at an international audience and often deals with issues of transcendent import to those interested in the mediation process (like Bill Marsh’s recent

Online dispute resolution bolstering access to justice
Thursday, 30th November 2018

"Despite the reluctance many jurisdictions have about utilising tech in dispute resolution matters, the chair of Canada’s Civil Resolution Tribunal has shared how doing so has aided in the country’s access to justice crisis.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Law
Friday, 17th November 2018

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