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Saturday, September 22nd 2018
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Cost Consequences For Refusing To Mediate
Wednesday, 20th September 2018


Lawyers favour mediation over litigation: report
Sunday, 10th September 2018

"Ontario family lawyers continue to favour settling disputes through mediation, saying it produces better results for separating couples and their children, as well as saving time and money."Read in full:  

Indigenous practices can bolster ADR
Sunday, 10th September 2018

"Indigenous practices can help resolve family disputes outside of the court system and need to be considered during high-conflict disputes, such as those involving land claims or natural resources, say lawyers and mediators that work with Indigenous ...

Why Dont We Mediate the Big Disputes?
Thursday, 7th September 2018

"On Thursday, August 30, 2018 the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal did the unthinkable. Its Judgement in 

A Small Step Toward Faster Justice: Mandatory Dispute Resolution
Thursday, 7th September 2018

"Co-authored by Matthew Ryan, Summer Student

Canada wont compromise on culture, dispute resolution in NAFTA talks: Trudeau
Thursday, 7th September 2018

Select the link to read this article in full: 

Why NAFTAs Chapter 19 may not be the right hill to die on
Thursday, 31st August 2018

"Canadian negotiators reluctant to give up trade remedy — even if it no longer works"Read in full:  

Reforming The New Brunswicks Mechanics Lien Act: Prompt Payment And Expedited Dispute Resolution
Sunday, 13th August 2018

"The New Brunswick Legislative Services Branch is considering recommending changes to the Mechanics' Lien Act (1973), the main Construction Law statute in the Province. The Mechanics' Lien Act has long been considered outdat...

Beverley McLachlin to work on dispute regulation outside courts at Arbitration Place
Thursday, 27th July 2018

"In a development that could well promote badly needed gender diversity among commercial arbitrators, Beverley McLachlin, the former chief justice of Canada, has joined Arbitration Place in Toronto as an arbitrator and mediator.

Drafting a Mediation Clause: Important Factors to Consider
Thursday, 6th July 2018

"Mediation is now a well established legal practice1. The ambit of the mediation process is no longer confined to traditional contexts2, and its usefulness in civil and commercial matters is widely acknowledged. Whether the parties’ intention t...

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