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Tuesday, May 21st 2019
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Province introduces new dispute resolution service for Victoria families
Monday, 14th May 2019

"The provincial government says a new service available to Victoria families will provide mediation-focused services before family law matters enter a courtroom. B.C. Attorney General David Eby introduced the Victoria Early Resolution and ...

Response time, dispute resolution should be addressed as part of CRA consultation: lawyers
Monday, 14th May 2019

"The Beatles may have lamented the fact the taxman in the U.K. didn’t like you giving your opinions, but the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has launched a public consultation process with an eye to getting input on how it operates and how it...

Court Of Queens Bench Of Alberta Lifts Suspension Of The ADR/JDR Rules
Sunday, 6th May 2019

"A notice from the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta (March 12, 2019) brings a return of mandatory dispute resolution before trial for civil actions. On March 12, 2019, the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta annou...

Reliq Health Technologies Announces Results of Mediation and Clarification on Revenue Recognition and Patient Eligibility
Wednesday, 2nd May 2019

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The Surprising Effectiveness of Hostile Mediators
Tuesday, 10th April 2019

“Hi, I’m Rick. I’m your mediator for today. I can’t decide what happens in this dumb dispute or how you resolve issues. My job is just to help people who are incapable of resolving conflict, like yourselves, find are...

Why Canadian Courts Hesitate To Recognize True Questions Of Jurisdiction
Thursday, 29th March 2019

"Canadian Courts have always been reluctant to intervene in arbitral decisions. Judicial intervention in an arbitration, either by way of a review or an appeal from the arbitral award, undermines the efficiency of the arbitration process. If parties ...

Interim Adjudication Amendments: Authority And Timelines
Monday, 19th March 2019

"Part II.1 of the Construction Act (Ontario) (the "Act") introduces a new mandatory interim dispute resolution adjudication process which comes into force October 1st, 2019. It is imperative that both owners and contractors ...

Manitoba Custody disputes, family separation to be handled outside courts under new Manitoba law
Tuesday, 13th March 2019

"Legislation introduced Tuesday will make it mandatory for most common-law partners in Winnipeg to deal with disagreements using a new dispute resolution service, rather than the courts, as part of a three-year pilot project."The...

Procurement Perspectives: An alternative process to dispute resolution
Tuesday, 13th March 2019

"The term “expert determination” describes a dispute resolution procedure under which the parties jointly instruct an expert to decide an issue, with the understanding that determination shall be contractually binding. Expert determ...

Avoiding real estate litigation
Monday, 29th January 2019

"Regina lawyer Rodger Linka became increasingly disillusioned about the litigation process. In a transition period after practising law for 40 years, he took a serious look at the alternative dispute resolution process, recently becoming a mediato...

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