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Monday, November 20th 2017
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Conflicts For Arbitrators And Mediators
Thursday, 17th November 2017

"How far must an arbitrator go in disclosing a potential conflict of interest?The B.C. Supreme Court ...

On-Demand Seminar: International And Domestic Arbitration: An Effective Option For Dispute Resolution (Video)
Thursday, 17th November 2017

"On Sept. 20, our arbitration experts held a seminar in Montréal to share their opinions on the latest developments and opportunities in the world of arbitration:

Canada to seek NAFTA dispute resolution panel on US softwood lumber duties
Tuesday, 15th November 2017

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Ontario’s Commercial Mediation Act 2010: Too important to ignore too ineffective to keep
Saturday, 5th November 2017

"Six years ago, I enthusiastically blogged about the first anniversary of Ontario’s Commercial Mediation Act, 2010 (CMA), which I called “The Most Important Legislation You’ve Never Heard About.” I naively hoped the situati...

Renter dispute resolution application goes online
Wednesday, 12th October 2017

"A new online application to file for dispute resolution will make it easier and faster for B.C. tenants and landlords to resolve tenancy issues, said t...

B.C. government promises faster tenant-landlord dispute resolution with online service
Wednesday, 12th October 2017

"The B.C. provincial government is promising faster service for tenants and landlords in dispute thanks to a 

Litigation & Dispute Resolution 2017
Monday, 29th August 2017

"The Canadian court system is comprised of: (i) provincial and territorial courts; (ii) the Federal Courts; and (iii) the Supreme Court of Canada, which is the highest court in the nation. Federal courts have specified jurisdiction to resolve disp...

Canadian research institute studying cost of resolving family law disputes
Monday, 22nd August 2017

"The Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family (CRILF) and the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice are tackling a piece of the access to justice puzzle together by conducting a study on the cost of resolving family law disputes."R...

Appealing Arbitration Awards: Why The Courts' Role Is Limited
Sunday, 21st August 2017

"When parties arbitrate a dispute, as opposed to pursuing litigation in the Courts, there is an understanding that the arbitration should bring the matter to an end. A recent decision of the Supreme Court of Canada,

Agreeing on how to disagree is one of the biggest NAFTA debates
Sunday, 21st August 2017

"It’s ironic that one of the biggest disputes in talks to redraft a new North American free trade pact is how to resolve disputes."Read in full: 

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