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Sunday, June 24th 2018
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Vancouver Tech Podcast EP:87: Shannon Salter, Chair of BC's Civil Resolution Tribunal

Wednesday, 3rd August 2017

"Special guest Shannon Salter, Chair of BC’s Civil Resolution Tribunal, joins host Drew Ogryzek to discuss how technological innovation is helping increase access to justice. The online resources use AI to help people find solutions to their problems, and even resolve disputes, with the help of the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT).

Salter, along with Lauryn Kerr, Expert Systems Analyst at the BC Ministry of Justice’s Dispute Resolution Office gave an in-depth talk at the Vancouver Legal Hacker’s meetup in June called AI, Expert Systems and the Justice System: Inside BC’s Civil Resolution Tribunal. In the talk, the two offer an overview of the Civil Resolution Tribunal, how it works, and insight into the background of online resolution dispute."

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Language: English
Contact: Drew Ogryzek

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