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Wednesday, March 20th 2019
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Family lawyers prefer mediation, collaborative processes: study

Tuesday, 11th April 2018

"A recent survey of family lawyers in Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia and British Columbia found that the majority prefer to resolve family law disputes with collaborative settlement processes rather than through costly litigation.

The survey results appear in a report titled “An Evaluation of the Cost of Family Law Disputes: Measuring the Cost Implication of Various Dispute Resolution Methods” released by the Canadian Research Institute for Law and the Family (CRILF) and the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice (CFCJ).

According to the survey, conducted on 166 family lawyers, 90 per cent of lawyers prefer using collaborative processes, with over 94 per cent reporting that clients are satisfied with the results of these processes.

Sixty-nine per cent of lawyers surveyed also agreed that mediation is fast and efficient, which is a strong contrast to the over 83 per cent of lawyers which responded that litigation isn’t efficient."

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Contact: Amanda Jerome

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