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Sunday, July 22nd 2018
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Canada has achieved mixed results when settling conflicts under the free-trade deal

Thursday, 13th April 2018

"Effective dispute resolution mechanisms are critically important to Canada in NAFTA renegotiations. They are also extremely contentious.

Many have described dispute resolution mechanisms as an essential component of NAFTA for Canada, while the US’s desire to remove them has been dubbed a “poison pill.”However, there is debate over whether they should be the issue upon which Ottawa stakes everything in its negotiations.

“Canada doesn’t use the NAFTA dispute resolution that much,” said Keith Head, professor of business economics at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business. “It often takes its disputes with the US to the World Trade Organization [WTO] dispute mechanisms, and those are going to continue to exist as long as the US stays in the WTO. So it’s not really clear that this is the hill that we really want to die on. If the Americans don’t like it and we don’t really use it that much in practice, maybe we should be focusing on other things.”

There are three dispute mechanisms under NAFTA. The two most commonly discussed are contained in chapters 11 and 19."

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