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Saturday, September 21st 2019
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Complexity, Newton and New Directions in Mediation Research

Sunday, 10th June 2019

"To recap, in his February 2019 post to this Blog, Michael Leathes argued for the need for more field-based research into mediation. He asked, “What if a vast range of mediation skills and techniques could be radically improved by new data derived from large-scale national and international field research?” He also posed a number of other equally tantalizing “what if” questions.  He concluded, “If more targeted field research really would generate great new value for parties and mediators, and therefore absolutely needs to be done, why not just get on and do it?”

Mr. Leathes argument was challenged in a comment by Australian mediator Greg Rooney who argued that the call for more field-based research represented a very “Newtonian form of thinking”. Mr. Rooney’s point was, “that in the complexity of human relationships, within which mediators operate, data is never repeatable.” and he directed readers to his article, Mediation, Mediator, Mediation."

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