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Thursday, June 4th 2020
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The Twenty-First Annual Symposium on Conflict Resolution Conflict: Communication, Culture and Change

Wednesday, 2nd February 2012

<p>&quot;This year&rsquo;s themes are concerned with the manner in which issues of communication, culture and change are related to the field of conflict resolution. To what extent is our theory and practice of conflict resolution concerned with preserving existing patterns of relationships or facilitating change? As events in the international media and in our own lives remind us, pressures for change &ndash; whether at the level of international relations, domestic political or social relations, or even interpersonal relationships within families or communities &ndash; are frequently accompanied by increased levels of conflict. Indeed, we might ask whether significant change is ever possible without some degree of conflict. If this is the case, what are the implications for our understandings of conflict, and for the theory and practice of conflict intervention and conflict resolution? Should third-party conflict interveners see their role as neutrals or as facilitators of change?&quot;</p>

Source: Center for Conflict Education and Research (Carleton University), The Faculty of Law (University of Ottawa) and the Conflict Research Centre (Saint Paul University)
Language: English

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