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Thursday, June 4th 2020
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International Academy of Mediators, Spring Conference 2013: Resolving Conflicts: A Canadian Perspective

Tuesday, 8th May 2013

<p>&quot;&quot;On behalf of myself and my Co-chairs, Jon Fidler and Cliff Hendler, as well as all our Canadian members, we extend to you a very warm welcome to Toronto and our Spring 2013 Conference.<br /><br />You are coming to the largest city in Canada: a hotbed of multiculturalism and a safe, clean city where you can enjoy some of the finest dining in the world, watch excellent live theatre and musical entertainment, and visit a wide variety of art galleries and museums. The shopping and browsing opportunities are infinite, and our sports teams represent the city in every major league sport. As a matter of fact, our Thursday Cocktail Reception will be at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Toronto is the perfect venue for you to bring your spouse and make a vacation out of your conference attendance.<br /><br />Friday&rsquo;s Banquet will be at Osgoode Hall, a building of significant historical importance. It is the seat of the Law Society of Upper Canada as well as the Ontario Court of Appeal. Tours of this beautiful edifice, which is almost 200 years old, can be arranged prior to the closing Banquet.<br /><br />The conference itself should prove to be compelling. We open with an address from former Canadian Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark. Mr. Clark will describe his experiences in the Israeli-Palestine conflict, as well as the ongoing territorial and other disputes between Cyprus and Turkey. This will be followed by an aboriginal peace circle and a demonstration of how issues are resolved amongst the people of Canada&rsquo;s First Nations.<br /><br />Friday brings us Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Izzeldin Abulaish, known as &ldquo;The Gaza Doctor&rdquo;. Dr. Abulaish will be followed Mr. Ken Taylor, the former Canadian Ambassador to Iran in the late 1970s. The Academy Award-nominated film Argo depicts how Mr. Taylor assisted in spiriting Americans out of the U.S. Embassy in Iran. He will discuss the dilemma of negotiating with terrorists.<br /><br />Friday&rsquo;s Keynote Speaker is Madame Louise Fr&eacute;chette. Mme Fr&eacute;chette served as Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1998-2006, and she will describe how the role of the United Nations has changed in international disputes.<br /><br />Our Friday afternoon sessions will return to the kind of commercial dispute resolution with which we are more familiar. We are very fortunate to have with us the Hon. George Adams, respected author, teacher and practitioner, who is considered to be one of Canada&rsquo;s finest third-party neutrals with a unique mediation style. His talk will focus on multiparty disputes and how he resolves contentious issues in open sessions.<br /><br />The conference will end with a session on The Business of ADR led by Allan Stitt, who is considered an expert on the subject, with an open microphone session chaired by Cliff Hendler and Jon Fidler. Make your reservations early - we look forward to seeing you in Toronto!&quot;<br /><br />-&nbsp;<em>Paul Iacono, IAM Toronto Conference Chair</em><br /><br />Please follow the links on the right side of the page to register and learn more about the conference.<br /><br />We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!&quot;</p><p>Select the link to find out how to register.&nbsp;</p>

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