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Tuesday, November 20th 2018
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China: Paris forum targets global supremacy in dispute resolution
Sunday, 19th November 2018

"The International Court of Arbitration (IC...

AIIB conference focus on dispute resolution
Friday, 17th November 2018

"More than 80 top-level counsel ensured the growth and success of the Asian Infrastru...

How does mediation help parties to resolve conflicts?
Friday, 17th November 2018

"The term alternative dispute resolution (ADR) refers...

2018 Taipei International Conference: Competitive, Collaborative or Cooperative Relations between Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation?
Sunday, 29th October 2018

"Are litigation, arbitration and mediation competitive, collaborative or cooperative? Is litigation becoming an “alternative” to “alternative dispute resolution”, especially keeping arbitration on top of its game? Are mixed pr...

ClCC: New approach to resolving cross-border disputes
Thursday, 12th October 2018

"The Provisions of the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues Concerning the Establishment of International Commercial Courts, which the Supreme People’s Court released on 27 June and enacted from 1 July, provides the legal basi...

China Tackles Dispute Resolution Head on in Light of One Belt One Road
Monday, 9th October 2018

Select the link to learn more: 

Is this just the beginning of belt and road disputes between China and its partners?
Sunday, 8th October 2018

"As Beijing’s ambitious initiative turns five the time is ripe for business disagreements to arise"Read in full:  

China's Nanjing Arbitration Commission Tests Blockchain Platform for Legal Disputes
Thursday, 28th September 2018

"The Nanjing Arbitration Committee is testing a new 

AIIB focuses on dispute resolution process
Sunday, 10th September 2018

"The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a multilateral financial institution headquartered in Beijing, held an international legal conference in the capital this week to examine and promote effective dispute resolution.

IPR Mediation and Conciliation Agencies Start to Work
Thursday, 7th September 2018

"The SIPO has identified 29 agencies as IPR-related mediation and conciliation organizations for the initiation of capacity building in the next two years. The agencies are mainly consist of the people's mediation committee for IPR disputes under...

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