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Friday, September 18th 2020
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Choosing The Right Forum For Your Dispute
Wednesday, 14th March 2019

"Resorting to the Courts when a conflict arises between two or more parties, is still the preferred route for dispute resolution in Cyprus. Parties continue to easily submit themselves to the powers afforded to a judge by our laws and feel more comfo...

UK judge: Common Law jurisdictions, such as Cyprus, are well placed to deal with challenges
Tuesday, 20th June 2018

"Common Law jurisdictions, such as Cyprus, are well placed to deal with fast-paced changes in commercial and technological environment due to their agility, said the Chancellor of the High Court, Sir Geoffrey Vos, one of the most senior judges in ...

Debt Collection In Cyprus
Thursday, 16th June 2017

"INTRODUCTIONThe global economic crisis could not but have extended to Cyprus, too, and financial transactio...

MPs study ways for complaints to be made against traders
Tuesday, 31st May 2017

"MPs on Tuesday began reviewing legislation aimed at affording further protection to consumers through the creation and operation of alternative dispute resolution bodies.

Cyprus- Dispute Resolution – Commercial Court
Tuesday, 24th May 2017

"Minister of Justice, Mr. Ionas Nicolaou and Members of Supreme Court had decided for the Commercial Court to be set up and become operational from the beginning of 2018.

An alternative dispute resolution gains momentum among Cypriot companies and consumers
Monday, 13th September 2016

"Consumers in Cyprus have an alternative dispute resolution in their disposal, which the Competition and Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce Industry and Tourism has set in place during the past year.The int...

Conference focuses on mediation as effective dispute resolution
Wednesday, 5th November 2015

<p>&quot;Mediation as a fast, cheap and effective way to resolve disputes out of courts was the focus of a conference in Nicosia earlier this week, entitled &ldquo;Mediation Meets Judges in Cyprus.&rdquo;<br /><br />&ldqu...

Mediation As A Method For Dispute Resolution
Tuesday, 14th January 2015

<p>&quot;&quot;H Foni tis Lemesou&quot;, a local news magazine, recently published an article written by Anastasia Schini, a lawyer in our litigation department, examining the legal concept of mediation as a form of alternative dispute r...

Negotiation? Mediation? Arbitration? Find Your Preferred Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Choice!
Thursday, 3rd October 2014

<p>&quot;Negotiation is the fundamental key for the resolution of disputes, both from the point of view of the individual representatives of each party and from the viewpoint of the ADR practitioner who helps the parties in reaching a commonly a...

Getting The Deal Through ? Dispute Resolution 2013
Tuesday, 31st July 2013

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