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Thursday, July 2nd 2020
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Negotiation? Mediation? Arbitration? Find Your Preferred Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Choice!

Thursday, 3rd October 2014

<p>&quot;Negotiation is the fundamental key for the resolution of disputes, both from the point of view of the individual representatives of each party and from the viewpoint of the ADR practitioner who helps the parties in reaching a commonly agreed solution to their dispute. Each particular way of negotiation is governed by objective principals considered as theories but also by subjective matters, relating to the individual negotiator. As a result, given the differences between individual personalities, skills and approaches vary considerably. Some people might adopt a reasonable and principled approached, others might consider negotiation as a sort of competition where they have to be the winner but most of the time negotiation involves a combination of all this.&quot;</p><p>Select the link to read more from this article.&nbsp;</p>

Source: Democritos Aristidou & Co
Language: English
Contact: Christiana Aristidou

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