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Tuesday, October 20th 2020
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Choosing The Right Forum For Your Dispute

Wednesday, 14th March 2019

"Resorting to the Courts when a conflict arises between two or more parties, is still the preferred route for dispute resolution in Cyprus. Parties continue to easily submit themselves to the powers afforded to a judge by our laws and feel more comfortable to pursue a case in front of a competent court and a judge, who has the legal expertise to decide a claim.

There are, however, in Cyprus alternative, as well as very popular forums for dispute resolution, which are proven to be more suitable to determine disputes between parties. Especially in commerce, conflict resolution is available through a variety of alternative forums, arbitration being the obvious one but also mediation and construction adjudication.

Cyprus has a strong tradition of referring construction disputes to Arbitration.  It is deemed to offer speed, privacy, confidentiality, flexibility and autonomy and affords direct enforceability of the decision, both nationally and internationally. Arbitration provides the parties with the initiative and freedom to choose, among others, the suitable arbitrator, the number of the arbitrators involved, the place and language of the proceedings, the applicable law and the arbitration rules.

Controversial cases and difficult disputes, which require a high degree of technical knowledge, skills and expertise have often been resolved, through arbitration."

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Source: C.D. Messios LLC
Language: English
Contact: Georgia Vladimerou

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