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Wednesday, June 19th 2019
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Czech Republic

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Optimism in Mediation: Part I – The Captain Goes down with the Ship

Sunday, 25th February 2019

"You are usually at a disadvantage for you will take over the boat in midst of the conflict storm without having the chance to prepare the crew and to check on the ship. Yet you are charged to navigate the vessel through all perils of misunderstandings, mistrust, and perceptions. It takes time to make sure your course is correct. You have to watch for small signs revealing directions – be it a familiar shape of the land of interests, the lighthouse of apology or little buoys represented by small concessions. And then, as the gale of dispute turns in a breeze of negotiation, you see you are in safe waters once again. You shall never abandon your optimism. For if a captain is lost, so is the whole ship. You are not the one who should give up. Remember, the captain goes down with the ship."

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Source: Forum for Mediation and Arbitration
Language: English
Contact: Martin Svatos

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