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Tuesday, January 26th 2021
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Mediating Africas Conflicts Demands Strong Partnerships
Thursday, 31st August 2018

"Africa's peace and security challenges are too complex for either the United Nations (UN) or the African Union (AU) to tackle on their own. Over the years, the two have partnered to prevent, manage and resolve conflict.

Indigenous Knowledge, the Key Vehicle for Critical Transformation
Wednesday, 15th February 2018

"As one of the world oldest nation that has its own calendar and alphabet, Ethiopia has various indigenous knowledge that the people have been using for various purposes for a long period of time. The knowledge touches almost every part of life cy...

Conflict in Ethiopia: Abyssinianism Against Oromummaa
Thursday, 28th October 2011

<p>An article that reflects on conflict management in a more political context.</p><p>&quot;When we talk about any conflict, be it personal or political, we actually should try to concentrate on its way of resolution rather than only...

EACC held workshops on Customary Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in five regions
Sunday, 8th August 2011

<span style="font-size: 12px" class="Apple-style-span">&quot;EACC is currently conducting a research on customary dispute resolution mechanisms (CDRM) in various regions. A steering committee was set up in order to over look the research activit...

Thursday, 28th May 2010

&quot;53 states around the globe are members of the <em>Francophonie</em> and are sharing French as their official language.&quot;

Ethiopian Arbitration And Conciliation Centre Organized Mediation Training
Wednesday, 21st May 2009

About 30 Civil Servants Have Received Training On Alternative Dispute Resolution.
Thursday, 3rd October 2008

It has been announced that about 30 civil servants from the Addis Ababa region have received training on alternative dispute resolution.