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Thursday, August 22nd 2019
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Indigenous Knowledge, the Key Vehicle for Critical Transformation

Wednesday, 15th February 2018

"As one of the world oldest nation that has its own calendar and alphabet, Ethiopia has various indigenous knowledge that the people have been using for various purposes for a long period of time. The knowledge touches almost every part of life cycles from food preparation to drug experiment...


The traditional mediation is very supportive with the court system. It mainly relies on moral accountability that could change the mind of the wrongdoers. Papers also discover the value of these traditional mediation systems as supportive instruments to the modern court system. The systems including Shimgilina, Gada,Yajoka and other traditional mediation have been a critical social tools that the people has been practicing to settle peace and experience toleration among generations. Therefore, preserving and implementing these tools could be a significant measure to the current instability of the country caused by various clashes,among ethnics."

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Contact: Betelhem Bedlu

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