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Saturday, December 7th 2019
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Mediation and Leadership

Thursday, 9th August 2019

"Ever since I took a course developed by Ronald Heifetz on Exercising Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, I wanted to reflect on how much mediation and leadership have in common.  As I sat down to write this blog, I was happy to discover that Joel Lee had reflected on this topic in his 2015 blog Leadership Challenges and Mediation. The blog describes very well how Heifetz’ model of leadership translates into mediation at a macro level. I will address the same from a closer, skills and approaches, perspective.

The skills and concepts described below are required for exercising leadership, which in Heifetz’s model is needed only when we are dealing with “adaptive challenges”. Those are challenges to which solutions are not known (so many in today’s world!); solutions to them require adaptation and new learning, i.e. change in the “attitudes, values, habits, […] and hearts and minds” of people. In contrast, when problems can be solved with existing/expert knowledge – those are “technical” challenges and for their resolution good management suffices."

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Source: New Vision University
Language: English
Contact: Sophie Tkemaladze

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