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Monday, February 18th 2019
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Selecting a Mediator: in General, in Commercial Cases – and in a Kingdom in Need?
Monday, 29th January 2019

"There is an old debate in mediation circles about the qualifications (formal and informal) that mediators need to mediate, and what specialist knowledge they are expected to have. In some countries, mediators are required to be qualified lawye...

Haltung – On the Meaning of a Word and Its Relevance for Mediation
Thursday, 6th July 2018

"When you study languages, or gain fluency in more than one, at some point you realise that each language has its own terms that are not translatable. It is about the way language thinks for us, and in different languages or cultures this varies.

Why Train Mediation at Universities? From Communication and Life Skills to Mediation Use and Mediation Advocacy
Thursday, 25th May 2018

"Mediation and ADR classes are becoming more established at universities around the world. Sometimes these are compulsory, sometimes elective, and they are mainly taking place at law schools. They also sometimes have some connection to the mediation ...

Lufthansa lands successfully in UDRP dispute
Monday, 3rd April 2018

"...The German airline claimed ownership of from Frank Panno, who originally registered the domain name.

ADR in Consumer Conciliation – The Example of the German Conciliation Body for Public Transport (söp). An Interview with söp Director Edgar Isermann
Tuesday, 27th September 2017

"Greg Bond: Tell me about your organisation.Edgar Isermann: The Conciliation B...

German Federal Court of Justice backs arbitration in two rulings
Wednesday, 6th July 2017

"ANALYSIS: Two recent decisions by the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) have underlined the arbitrat...

German committee reaches deal on inheritance tax break reforms for firms' heirs
Thursday, 23rd September 2016

"The mediation committee of Germany's upper and lower houses of parliament has agreed to reform tax 

Lufthansa, UFO Settle Dispute After Long Mediation
Monday, 5th July 2016

"FRANKFURT—Lufthansa and its cabin-crew union UFO have settled their longstanding dispute over company pensions and early retirement, after a mediation process that started at the beginning of the ..." 

Allen & Overy continues to expand its German dispute resolution practice
Wednesday, 28th January 2016


Why dispute resolution between Germany and India is a lost cause
Saturday, 17th May 2015

<p>&quot;The worlwide transfer pricing landscape is in a state of flux and the need for sound and reliable dispute resolution mechanisms has never been more important for multinational enterprises.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>...

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