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Thursday, June 4th 2020
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Arbitration, Neutral Adjudication, Conciliation, Mediation: What’s in a Word? Designing and Naming ADR Processes – The Example of an Industrial Relations Dispute in Germany

Tuesday, 26th February 2020

"Mediation and conflict management often require the design of complex processes that might involve different interventions with different parties or stakeholders over considerable time. Consider mediation in the planning stages of public projects or mediation and facilitation involving communities involved in claims for compensation against governments or companies. Or consider mediation inside organisations, in which a large number of people from different departments and levels of hierarchy may be involved. In these kinds of scenarios, mediation is a process that takes time, and may need a number of different constellations of joint and private meetings with different stakeholders, with the third-party neutrals sometimes having different mandates concerning their authority to facilitate, or consult and make recommendations."

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Source: Bond & Bond Mediation / University of Wildau
Language: English
Contact: Greg Bond

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