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Sunday, June 24th 2018
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Hong Kong

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Obtaining Evidence Abroad in Cross-Border Disputes
Wednesday, 14th June 2018

"In Brief

Dispute Resolution In Asia-Pacific: Parties Seek Efficient Processes And Enforceable Outcomes
Thursday, 8th June 2018

"Following our 

Blockchains Killer App? Making Trade Wars Obsolete
Wednesday, 24th May 2018

"...Under this model, if wanted to operate a bitcoin wallet, anyone should be able to verify that a bitcoin address was actually administered by CoinDesk LLC, the U.S. company, and not someone else.

Online dispute resolution likely to become a godsend for SMEs, with Hong Kong at its heart
Sunday, 18th September 2017

"3-5pc of all international transactions end in dispute. E-commerce alone saw over 820 million disputes last year, with 35pc never resolved. Small firms in many cases read the numbers, and retire in horror to lick their (sometimes fatal) wounds.&q...

Does saying "sorry" have a role to play in resolving international construction disputes?
Sunday, 11th September 2017

"ANALYSIS: Lawyers involved in international construction are familiar with an armoury of schemes for avoiding and resolving disputes, including dispute avoidance boards, resolution boards, international arbitration, and others. But does saying &q...

Spotlight on investor protection: the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre implements a more moderate package of reforms
Sunday, 11th September 2017

"The Financial Dispute Resolution Centre (FDRC) has issued it...

Government welcomes enhancements to Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme
Monday, 29th August 2017

"Hong Kong (HKSAR) -      The Government welcomes the announcement by the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre (FDRC) today (August 29) on the enhancements to the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme (FDRS).  &...

Hong Kong civil disputes to embrace apology
Monday, 29th August 2017


Secretary for Justice starts visit to Vienna
Wednesday, 6th July 2017

"Hong Kong (HKSAR) -      The Secretary for Justice, Mr Rimsky Yuen, SC, started his visit to Vienna, Austria today (July 3, Vienna time) by meeting with officials and representatives of the legal and arbitration sectors to str...

Arbitration and Mediation in Hong Kong: Financial Assistance on the Way
Wednesday, 22nd June 2017

"Hong Kong permits third-party funding of arbitrations and mediations

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