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Monday, June 25th 2018
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Mediation Myth Busters 101

Sunday, 17th July 2017

"It is our personal opinion that to truly understand mediation, we need to first re-learn the anatomy of disputes. A dispute is like an abstract painting where each party sees different aspects, angles and facets and each party thinks what they see is absolute, unlike connoisseurs of art. While the most logical conclusion to a dispute ought to be a viable solution, with the passage of time, it has branched out into other conclusions such as proving one is right and setting a precedent.

Accordingly, the means by which we resolve disputes have also become restricted to adversarial methods which help us achieve these end results. If you recall the last few civil disputes you have seen or experienced, you will realize that the majority of them are disagreements on terms of a relationship, transaction or document. They may also be misunderstandings on a personal level spilling over to disputes on property and business."

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Language: English
Contact: Anuroop Omkar and Kritika Krishnamurthy

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