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Monday, April 19th 2021
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Mediation as an Effective Tool of ADR System in Matrimonial Disputes

Tuesday, 23rd January 2013

<strong>Abstract:&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />The following article takes you the reader through an insightful journey as to why mediation is necessary in cases concerning matrimonial matters. The article is more India-centric given the high importance Indians tend to give to family values and ethics. Given the fact that in India, a marriage irrespective of the religion is union between two families and that a crack in the marriage has a trickle-down effect, down to the lower most individual. In this article I will not give you statistics or figures in order to displaying the supremacy of mediation over other legal recourses. All that I simply want to put across is that mediation is the need of the hour. As it is the courts are over-burdened and emotional and sentimentally deep rooted matters such as an individual&rsquo;s matrimonial life should be dealt with within the four walls of the concerned individual&rsquo;s house.<p>&nbsp;</p><div><font face="Myriad Roman, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif;" size="2">Select the link to download the full paper.</font></div>

Source: Symbiosis Law School
Language: English
Contact: Samarth Khanna

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