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Saturday, April 4th 2020
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ICC and FIDIC to deliver international construction contract and dispute resolution know how

Wednesday, 20th September 2018


Mark your calendars: from 20-21 September, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) will host their annual joint conference for the first time in Tbilisi, Georgia in the heart of the Caucasus region.

Standing at the crossroad between Europe and Asia and proximately located to lucrative trade routes that connect the East and West, Tbilisi is ideally situated to bring together the different cultural and legal viewpoints that impact construction disputes under FIDIC contracts.

Much has happened in the world of international construction contracts and dispute resolution this past year—from the ICC International Court of Arbitration’s new arbitration rules and note that went into effect in March 2017 to the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR approving a revised report on Construction Industry Arbitrations to FIDIC releasing its 2nd edition of the Red Book, Yellow Book and Silver Book. That’s why for the 2018 edition the ICC-FIDIC Conference, we’re set to discuss international construction contracts and dispute resolution and deliver best practice advice on ICC Arbitration and FIDIC contracts, in relation to procedures for claims and dispute management."

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