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Monday, April 19th 2021
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Patents 2016: Trends

Monday, 10th May 2016

"It was reported that patent applications rose by 4.8 per cent to 160,022 in 2015, with the total number of filings increasing 1.6 per cent to 278,867. Patent lawyers described a high level of activity, particularly across the pharmaceutical, technology and life sciences industries, including an increase in disputes. Yet due to the confidential nature of much of the information involved in disputes across these industries, there has also been a corresponding, self-perpetuating rise in the use of alternative dispute resolution and a tendency for claims to settle rather than face the publicity of litigation. More widely, the sector is facing significant changes. European practitioners are gearing up for the long-awaited launch of the Unified Patent Court next year, yet it still faces significant uncertainties over its future due to the current economic and political pressures bearing down on Europe. Further afield, the Russian Intellectual Property Court is providing a promising model for national intellectual property courts, now in its third successful year of operation. In America, the legislation intended to curb the grip of patent trolls on the market has been effective, though practitioners spoke of significant changes resultant in the legal landscape. As such patent lawyers are finding themselves in a period of waiting, before many of the effects of these changes come to fruition. "

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