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Wednesday, June 19th 2019
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Mediation as a way to resolve disputes in the shipping industry

Monday, 21st June 2016

"The shipping market is currently experiencing a serious recession with the Baltic Dry Index and Baltic Capesize Index both at record low levels in early 2016. In addition, capesize rates fell to under USD 2000 a day in January 2016. Coupled with the operating expenses for a standard capesize vessel, which are estimated to be around USD 6 000 a day, this suggests that the majority of vessels are operating at a loss. Industry experts do not expect any major improvement on these numbers over the next year. As a result, fewer ships are also being built and sold...The advantages of mediation as a means to resolving disputes in the shipping industry are its speed, cost and flexibility. Its outcome is aimed at obtaining a value-added, future orientated, commercial solution for all parties involved. Mediation is not restricted to a ‘winner-loser’ outcome, but rather envisages a ‘mutual gains outcome’. Furthermore, mediation is without prejudice to any further remedies or future and/ or ongoing litigation."

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Source: Bowman Gillfillan
Language: English
Contact: Lana Jacobs

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