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Tuesday, July 16th 2019
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The protection of cross-border investments under the Canada-EU trade pact

Monday, 15th November 2016

"Following negotiations first launched in May 2009, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (“CETA”) was signed by Canada and the EU on 30 October 2016. CETA is a free trade agreement, which is subject to ratification by each EU member state and to the consent of the European Parliament.

The protection of cross-border investments in CETA

Chapter 8 of CETA sets out a legal framework for the protection of cross-border investments between EU member states and Canada and includes a related investor-State dispute settlement (“ISDS”) regime for addressing alleged breaches of an obligation under that chapter. Key provisions of note are:"

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Source: CMS Cameron McKenna
Language: English
Contact: Aimee Cook, Csaba Kovacs and Pieter Bekker

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