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Friday, June 5th 2020
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More on Field-Based Mediation Research

Thursday, 8th February 2019

"Michael Leathes in his recent  thought provoking post argues for the need for more “field-based” mediation research by which he means actual observations of the live action by skilled researchers.  He poses the questions:

These are important questions and I share Mr. Leathes hope that his post will stir a reaction.  Indeed, here’s one now!

While more research on all aspects of mediation is always needed, my concern is that the over-resourcing of field-based research seeking evidence of effective mediation techniques will inevitably result in under-resourcing more import areas of mediation research – areas that would likely lead to increasing the utilization of the mediation process. I am reminded of a quote attributed to marketing expert, Phillip Kotler, “if you chase two monkeys, both will escape” 

My perspective is that of a commercial mediator with more than 4,000 matters mediated over almost 30 years and that of an adjunct professor teaching Mediation Theory & Practice to upper year law students."

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Source: Weiler ADR Inc.
Language: English
Contact: Rick Weiler

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