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Friday, June 5th 2020
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The dispute resolution lessons of Apples settlement with Qualcomm

Sunday, 6th May 2019

"The news that the recently settled dispute between Apple and Qualcomm will cost the iPhone maker as much as $4.7 billion should make anyone considering a business partnership pause for thought.

The dispute between the two involved a number of claims and counterclaims across multiple jurisdictions, coming to a surprise global settlement in mid-April.

The large-scale dispute focused on a 2013 deal for Apple to buy Qualcomm modem chipsets for its iPhone smartphones, but also covered Qualcomm patents that Apple was obliged to pay for in order to use Qualcomm-developed technology in products connecting to cellular networks. With 5G looming, however, Apple had to strike a deal with Qualcomm in order to integrate the next-generation technology into its forthcoming iPhones and iPads."

Source: Coffin Mew
Language: English
Contact: Emma Stevens

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