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Tuesday, July 7th 2020
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Here is How Mediation Science Truly Can Originate In The Real World

Tuesday, 22nd May 2019

"My February 4, 2019 post What if Mediation Science Originated in the Real World? sparked much useful comment. Many people said they regretted the deficiency of negotiation and mediation field research, but were dismayed that I offered no proposals for fixing it. How, they asked, do you generate large-scale, real-life negotiation data? So, may I now offer for your scrutiny what I believe could be a cost-efficient, valuable and (despite the difficulties) viable way to address the problem?

The need for better data

Current negotiation and mediation theory is based on the propositions expounded by and since Fisher & Ury’s Getting To Yes (1981). There have been many “laboratory” studies using students and trainees, as well as surveys and interviews by scholars and practitioners that have developed these established mediation theories. But there have been no large-scale field studies based on real-life mediations or negotiations that have subjected these existing generation-old theories to rigorous empirical testing.1)

E-negotiating, online dispute resolution, hybrid processes and other factors have changed the way people negotiate and mediate in the 21st Century. Established theories may no longer be fully applicable. New field research in the real world could indicate better “getting-to-yes” theories. Some received wisdom could be blown out of the water by new real-life research. Some is simply not typical of the real world.2)"

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Source: Corporate counsel & author
Language: English
Contact: Michael Leathes

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