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Saturday, July 21st 2018
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Maritime disputes test China's peaceful rise
Friday, 30th May 2015

<p>&quot;May 28 (Reuters) - The South China Sea has become the most important testing ground for the changing economic, political and military relationship between China and the United States.&quot;</p><p>Read further:&nbsp;&...

Important trends in international dispute resolution
Wednesday, 21st May 2015

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The International Center for Dispute Resolution (ICDR) Launches Revised International Dispute Resolution Rules
Saturday, 17th May 2015

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Expert witnesses are the difference between success and failure in global construction disputes
Saturday, 17th May 2015

<p>The Clyde &amp; Co Global Projects &amp; Construction team today launched their guide to global construction dispute resolution. The guide brings together issues which are generating disputes, both globally and in specific regions which c...

Africa steps up dispute resolution
Tuesday, 18th March 2015

<p>&quot;With increased levels of investment into Africa, the number of legal disputes in the continent is also on the rise. These are largely resolved through arbitration and countries including Mauritius, South Africa, Rwanda and Nigeria are k...

FIFA Pro Media Release Regarding Dates for 2022 World Cup
Wednesday, 26th February 2015

<p>&quot;...FIFPro remains committed to engaging the football community on a raft of issues, including the establishment of international (FIFA) standards within the Qatari professional league. That means the application of minimum contractual r...

Fast dispute resolution to help mitigate infra project risks: WEF
Wednesday, 26th February 2015

<p>&quot;GENEVA: Fast dispute resolution mechanisms along with robust anti-corruption policies will help mitigate risks in infrastructure projects, where private investors worry about political and regulatory risks, says a report.&nbsp;<b...

OECD - Comments concerning BEPS Action 14 (dispute resolution)
Sunday, 26th January 2015

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TUAC Comments on the BEPS Action 14: Make Dispute Resolution Mechanisms More Effective
Saturday, 25th January 2015

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International - Trends in international dispute resolution | Video
Tuesday, 7th January 2015

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