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Wednesday, March 20th 2019
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Kluwer Mediation Blog – June Digest
Wednesday, 12th July 2018

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OECD publishes 77 comments on transfer pricing guidelines for intragroup services, dispute resolution
Thursday, 6th July 2018

"The OECD on June 28 published 77 responses to its request for suggestions on how to improve the OECD transfer pricing guidelines for multinational corporations, with 51Nominet unveils .uk dispute resolution statistics

Monday, 3rd July 2018

".uk registrar Nominet has seen a total of 712 complaints relating to 783 domains through its dispute resolution service in 2017, according to a report.

Africa now has its own arbitration - will disputes be resolved on the continent?

Wednesday, 28th June 2018

"London and Paris, both European cities, were the go-to destinations to resolve commercial disputes – outside conventional courts – amongst African firms or shareholders.

Transparency, Legitimacy, and Investor-State Dispute Settlement: What Can We Learn from the Streaming of Hearings?

Wednesday, 21st June 2018

"Scholars, NGOs, and practitioners have been discussing the legitimacy of investor-state dispute settlement (“ISDS”) for years. Much of this debate has focused on the critique that ISDS, usually taking the form of confidential and bind...

Why this years G7 summit needs the art of mediation more than ever before
Thursday, 8th June 2018

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Encompassing regional variations in dispute resolution
Wednesday, 31st May 2018

"A recent report has illustrated some key differences between the nations and regions of the world, in how they conceive dispute resolution should evolve, and in turn, pose issues for lawyers and in-house counsel alike as to how to manage them.
Litigation funding on the rise

Wednesday, 24th May 2018

"Litigation funding is an increasingly common feature of commercial dispute resolution. Key players in the funding market are building global capacity and diversifying the range of matters and jurisdictions in which they invest, and it is increasi...

Regional Trade Agreement Dispute Settlement Mechanisms: Modes, Challenges and Options for Effective Dispute Resolution
Thursday, 20th April 2018

"The importance of regional trade agreements (RTAs) and their dispute settlement mechanisms (DSMs) will likely continue to grow considering the dynamics of the multilateral trade negotiations and the challenges faced by the World Trade Organization d...

International Arbitration & ADR Update
Monday, 3rd April 2018

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