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Tuesday, July 16th 2019
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Mediation Awareness Week
Monday, 13th September 2016

"A year and one month ago Sabine Walsh posted on this blog her report on the first Hybrids and Inadmissibility

Thursday, 5th August 2016

"Combining arbitration and mediation with the same neutral

The practice of combining mediation and a...

Mediation 2016: Trends
Thursday, 29th July 2016

"Cost-consciousness and mitigation on the part of corporations have been the driving forces behind the development of mediation over the past year. As companies increasingly look to resolve conflicts cost-effectively and efficiently, mediation has...

Nigeria, Indian Firm Reach Agreement On Ajaokuta Steel Company
Wednesday, 14th July 2016

"Barring any last minute change in plans, an amicable resolution of the ownership crisis surrounding the Ajaokuta Steel Complex might be reached early August when the Nigerian government and Messrs Global Steel Holdings Limited, and Indian firm, are ...

P2P markets need P2P justice
Wednesday, 14th July 2016

"Peer-to-peer marketplaces are forcing change on the systems we use for dispute resolution. Algorithmic dispute resolution, software-guided settlement negotiation, and even full-service stepped mediation to arbitration Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)...

1st ICC regional conference puts future of Arbitration in Africa centre stage
Sunday, 27th June 2016

The 1st ICC Africa Regional Arbitration Conference...

Brexit - How this will impact on EU-wide litigation
Sunday, 27th June 2016

"The UK’s exit from the EU creates uncertainty for those involved in existing cross-border litigation or with EU-wide litigation pending. A definitive answer is unlikely to be given until the model of exit has been negotiated.

Resolving UK construction disputes - our round-up of practice and procedure for in-house lawyers

Tuesday, 22nd June 2016

Our Resolving Construction Disputes Briefing highlights litig...

Mediation as a way to resolve disputes in the shipping industry
Monday, 21st June 2016

"The shipping market is currently experiencing a serious recession with the Baltic Dry Index and Ba...

International Mediation Guide - Second Edition
Monday, 14th June 2016

"Mediation remains a hot topic in dispute resolution. Around the world, courts strain under growing backlogs of cases, motivating governments to look for ways of reducing the burden, and inspiring prospective litigants deterred by the prospect of a l...

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