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Tuesday, July 16th 2019
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New mediation law to allow for settling cases out of court

Wednesday, 11th February 2016

"AMMAN — Jordan is in the process of adopting a new mediation law and establishing an independent mediation centre where the parties to a lawsuit can meet with a neutral third party in an effort to settle the case outside court, according to Justice Minister Bassam Talhouni.

Talhouni said the draft mediation law was referred to Parliament after being approved by the Cabinet recently and will apply to commercial cases, whether between individuals or between institutions.

“Not all cases are required to be handled in court, and this is how the idea came,” he told The Jordan Times over the phone in a recent interview, adding that the third-party mediators at the centre will be either former judges or lawyers with experience in conflict resolution.

The minister explained that an agreement reached between the two parties in such cases would be written up as an applicable “verdict”.

If one of the parties is not satisfied with the result of mediation, they can proceed to court, he added.

The planned mediation centre, according to the minister, will have branches across the Kingdom. It will be supported by the Jordan Businessmen Association, the Association of Banks in Jordan and the Private Hospitals Association, which will submit the names of proposed mediators to the government for approval."


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