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Saturday, July 21st 2018
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Families locked in endless court battles in succession disputes
Thursday, 29th June 2018

"Ordinarily, it would take less than a year to conclude a succession matter. Even so, much of the time is consumed by formalities such as the gazettement of the grant. It is faster in cases where the will or the appointed administrator of the estate ...

Senators Push for Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
Tuesday, 20th June 2018

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Lusaka calls for alternate dispute resolutions
Tuesday, 20th June 2018

"Speaker of the Senate, Kenneth Lusaka has called for incorporation of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms in all sectors, which he described as a less costly form of recourse.

Mediation Is Right for Dismantling Excessive Litigation, but Lawyers Must Accept It
Wednesday, 14th June 2018

"The mixture of imprudent judges, uninformed judgments and corrupt systems is a lethal recipe. If we add the ingredients of negligent prosecutors and selfish and vindictive legislators, we have a perfect poisonous meal.

KRA Raises Sh8.3 Billion From Alternative Tax Disputes Resolution
Thursday, 8th June 2018

"Nairobi — The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has raised Sh8.3 billion from the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism as at 30th April, 2018.

FKE backs dispute resolution as industrial action cases rise
Thursday, 13th April 2018

"Industrial action amongst Kenyan civil servants goes without mentioning with the country’s workforce being underpinned by constant and regular strikes over the past decade.

Citizens must demand good governance
Monday, 3rd April 2018

"In SummaryOversight mechanisms should guard against arbitrariness and ensure accountability in the use of public resources.

Strikes will be history: Labour committee introduces dispute resolution Bill
Wednesday, 8th February 2018

"The Labour and Welfare committee is working on a Bill on alternative dispute resolution mechanisms that could end industrial action.

Chinese traders sign deal to fasten resolution of disputes with Kenyans
Wednesday, 8th February 2018

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Judiciary proposes mandatory mediation before court option
Wednesday, 18th January 2018

"The Judiciary is in talks with other stakeholders over the possible introduction of mediation as a mandatory primary step in handling civil disputes before they are filed in court.

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