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Thursday, January 18th 2018
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Legal expert Dr Kariuki Muigua appointed to NEMA Tribunal
Monday, 26th December 2017


PCEA leaders want Sh40m case settled out of court
Saturday, 5th November 2017

"The leadership of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) now wants a case in which it has sued ex-moderator David Gathanju and four former employees for allegedly stealing close to Sh40 million settled out of court.

Dispute resolution: Judiciary mints money from election petitions
Thursday, 8th September 2017

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Use mediation for win-win outcome in company disputes
Sunday, 4th September 2017

No deadline extension for nominations disputes resolution - IEBC
Tuesday, 26th July 2017

"IEBC will not extend the deadline for the conclusion of party primaries disputes, it said in a statement on Tuesday.The d...

Chief Justice pushes for out-of-court dispute resolution
Thursday, 14th July 2017

"The Judiciary has asked Kenyans to embrace alternative dispute resolution to ease congestion in courts and prisons.

Judiciary anticipates more petitions in August polls than in 2013
Wednesday, 6th July 2017

"he Judiciary anticipates that there will be more elections petitions filed after the August 8 polls as compared to those filed in 2013.

CJ Maraga roots for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
Wednesday, 22nd June 2017

"Chief Justice David Maraga has urged the public to seek alternative dispute resolution methods as it emerged over Sh4 billion is being held up due to family and commercial disputes. Justice Maraga said the Jud...

Why mediation is the best way for many to seek and find justice
Thursday, 16th June 2017

"Anyone looking at Kenya’s social dynamics today will no doubt recognise how, driven by a growing appreciation of their rights, wananchi are becoming increasingly litigant.

Cut labour court backlog through mediation, employers urge
Monday, 25th April 2017

"The Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) has called for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in a bid to shift the pressure of smaller cases away from the labour court."Read further:  

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