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Friday, October 19th 2018
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New Zealand

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New legal service settles divorce spats online, is brainchild of QC

Saturday, 5th November 2017

"A new legal dispute resolution service could save tens of thousands of dollars in court costs and take the emotional strain out of relationship property disputes and other spats.

Complete Online Dispute Resolution (CODR) is the brainchild of former Solicitor-General Michael Heron, who said he'd seen too many people spend vast amounts of time and money on disputes that could easily have been resolved in other ways.

"After 25 years or so as a litigator I've seen the pain that people go through over things like relationship property or other general civil scraps," the Queen's Counsel told the Herald.

"For issues that don't really need the court and don't involve great principle or criminal law ... it just seemed to me that there's got to be a faster way and a more efficient way.""

Language: English
Contact: Matthew Theunissen

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