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Wednesday, February 19th 2020
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International - EU and Canada in Talks to Salvage WTO’s Dispute Resolution Role
Thursday, 19th July 2019

"Canada and the European Union are in talks to preserve the World Trade Organization’s embattled appellate body, which is expected to run aground by year-end due to pressure by the U.S. to cut its power.


International - Intermediary in a Collective Labor Dispute Resolution
Wednesday, 20th June 2019

ABSTRACT: "Collective labor disputes based on the differences in economic interests between workers and employers can be effectively resolved exclusively through conciliation procedures. Contemporary alternative methods arose mostly due to ...

Belarus - Belarusian parliament to consider mediation bill on 19 June
Wednesday, 20th June 2019

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International - Here is How Mediation Science Truly Can Originate In The Real World
Tuesday, 22nd May 2019

"My February 4, 2019 post What if Mediation Science Originated in the Real World? sparked much useful comment. Many people sa...

Saint Lucia - Court Hosts Mediation Awareness Campaign
Monday, 14th May 2019

"The Registry of the Supreme Court Saint Lucia is campaigning for the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), or mediation, as the preference for resolving conflict.

Everyone can benefit from the use of ADR, especially women and Small and M...

International - The dispute resolution lessons of Apples settlement with Qualcomm
Sunday, 6th May 2019

"The news that the recently settled dispute between Apple and Qualcomm will cost the iPhone maker as much as $4.7 billion should make anyone consider...

International - CDR celebrates a decade of publishing
Sunday, 6th May 2019

"Launched in 2009 amid the global financial crisis, Commercial Dispute Resolution remains at the forefront of game-changing industry developments. Its editors – past and present – look back over a decade that has arguably s...

Nigeria - Young lawyers urged to get trained as international mediators
Sunday, 6th May 2019

"Lagos – The Managing Solicitor, Trizon Law Chambers, Mrs Foluke Akinmoladun, on Friday advised young lawyers to get trained to become both domestic and international mediators.

Akinmoladun, a trained arbitrator and mediator, gave the advi...

International - Robot mediator settles first ever court case
Sunday, 25th February 2019

"A ‘robot mediator’ has been used to settle a dispute in the court system, for what is believed to be the first time.

The online tool, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in place of a human mediator, settled the three-...

International - Changing the World? An Inspiring Encounter at the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition
Sunday, 25th February 2019

"I was again privileged to be at the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition in early February, which this time included a new event – an intergenerational round table, workshops for student and professional participants together....

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