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Saturday, July 21st 2018
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Switzerland - Swiss Supreme Court Rejects Obligation to Mediate Prior to Arbitration
Thursday, 5th October 2007

<font face="Times New Roman">&nbsp;</font><font face="Times New Roman">On June 6, 2007, the 1<sup>st</sup> Court of Civil Law of the Federal Court of Switzerland that deals with arbitral jurisdiction in international arbi...

South Africa - African Initiative for Mediation Quarterly Newsletter - September
Thursday, 5th October 2007

<p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt" class="MsoNormal"><font color="#000000">Considering the wellspring of energy and passion growing in South Africa for the use of mediation to engage with conflict, it is perhaps important to revisit the responsib...

Switzerland - News on the Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Wednesday, 27th September 2007

On 1 April,&nbsp;2007 the Swiss chambers of commerce for of the cantons of Basel, Berne, Geneva, Neuch&acirc;tel, Vaud, Ticino and Zurich adopted <em>the </em><em>Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation of the Swiss Chambers of Comme...

Finland - Seminar on Restorative Justice and Victim-Offender Mediation, Parliament House, Helsinki, November 29-30th, 2007
Wednesday, 27th September 2007

<div><span><span class="apple-style-span">The seminar on Restorative Justice and Victim-Offender Mediation is to take place at&nbsp;Parliament House,&nbsp;Helsinki,&nbsp;November 29-30th,&nbsp;2007.&nbsp;The seminar i...

UK (Scotland) - Scottish Mediation Week 2007
Monday, 25th September 2007

<p align="justify">The first ever Scottish Mediation Week has just been announced, to run from <strong>15th to 19th October</strong>. The&nbsp;Scottish Mediation Network&nbsp;invites those interested to help raise awareness about...

Nigeria - The 2nd NCMG African ADR Summit
Monday, 25th September 2007

<font size="3">The 2nd African ADR Summit being hosted by Negotiation and Conflict Management Group is scheduled for 30 and 31 October 2007 in Lagos, Nigeria.</font><span>&nbsp;</span> <p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt" class="M...

New Zealand - Guidance for ADR processes in New Zealand legislation
Wednesday, 16th August 2007

<p>The attached paper is&nbsp;prepared by a group headed by New Zealand&#39;s Parliamentary Counsel Office.</p><p>The intention of the paper is that when, as a matter of policy, a legislative scheme is to include the use of one o...

Switzerland - Schweizerische Zivilprozessordnung - Code de procédure civile suisse
Friday, 14th July 2007

On 14 July, 2007 the national States Counsel in Berne (&ldquo;Conseil des Etats&rdquo;) voted in favour of a new draft Federal Code of Civil Procedure, which is likely to come into effect in 2010 and which will federalize Swiss laws of civil proce...

South Africa - African Initiative for Mediation Second Quarterly Newletter
Sunday, 2nd July 2007

Family Law and Dispute Resolution in Nigeria, the place of mediation by Kenny Aina&nbsp; The Scope of Divorce Mediation:&nbsp; A question for Namibia by John Ford, &#39;Insights from the Family Life Centre&#39; <p>&nbsp;</p>...

South Africa - African Initiative for Mediation Quarterly Newsletter - March 2007
Sunday, 25th June 2007

<p align="left">Please see the attached link for news on and Restorative Justice and Narrative mediation. </p>

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