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Monday, February 18th 2019
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International - Planning for Disputes in Cross-Border Private Equity Deals: Managing Risk (and Getting Some Benefits) with International Arbitration
Sunday, 25th August 2014

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International - Selecting your mediator and drafting the mediation agreement
Sunday, 18th August 2014

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International - ICRD ADR Community - A Social Network for ADR Interests
Sunday, 18th August 2014

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International - International arbitration centres experiencing an 'unprecedented increase' in commercial disputes
Sunday, 11th August 2014

<p>&quot;Major international arbitration centres are reporting an &quot;unprecedented increase&quot; in the number of commercial disputes referred to them, with caseloads rivalling those recorded in the immediate aftermath of the financi...

International - Back to "MediAsian"
Sunday, 4th August 2014

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International - WHO's WHO LEGAL: MEDIATION 2014 - Most Highly Regarded Individuals
Sunday, 4th August 2014

<p>We recognise 298 of the world&rsquo;s leading commercial mediators, and each should be considered to be among of the outstanding experts in their jurisdiction. Our listing encompasses sole practitioners, barristers, boutique firms, former jud...

International Chamber of Commerce - Registration now open for the 5th ICC International Mediation Conference
Sunday, 4th August 2014

The one-day conference entitled &ldquo;Plan to succeed: Preparing for settlement in complex commercial disputes&rdquo; will offer a forum for 100 corporate representatives to learn from thought leaders in dispute settlement. Interested participant...

South Africa - New tax dispute resolution rules published
Sunday, 28th July 2014

<p>JOHANNESBURG &ndash; New tax dispute resolution rules could expedite feedback to taxpayers who have lodged an objection or appeal against a tax assessment or decision by the South African Revenue Service (Sars).</p><p>&nbsp;&l...

International Chamber of Commerce - Universities and mediators can now apply to ICC?s 10th International Commercial Mediation Competition
Saturday, 20th July 2014

<p>The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Centre for ADR will celebrate the 10th edition of the International Commercial Mediation Competition from 6-11 February 2015. Universities and mediators can now apply to this unique event ...

Pakistan - Alternative route: ?Justice indispensible for a civilised society?
Sunday, 14th July 2014

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