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Monday, May 20th 2019
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International - OECD requests feedback on tax treaty dispute resolution in Australia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal
Monday, 28th November 2017

"The OECD on November 24 asked for taxpayer input to conduct stage 1 peer reviews of the tax dispute resolution processes in Australia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, and Portugal.

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International - Whatever happened to trade wars?

Sunday, 30th October 2017

"In meetings with a wide array of investors, a common thread is concern over geopolitical risks and, specifically, the prospect of escalating trade tensions between the US and its trade partners. What would a trade war look like? Are the necessary...

International - 'Flexible Mediation' in Chinese Province Strengthening China-Africa Trade
Thursday, 20th October 2017

"Yiwu City — A trade and commerce mediation committee established in 2013 to probe misunderstanding between Chinese businessmen - manufacturers or middlemen - and foreign exporters or traders is making "significant progress" in a majo...

International - Jury.Online Plans ICO to Modernize Dispute Resolution Using Smart Contracts
Wednesday, 12th October 2017

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International - Dispute Resolution along the Belt and Road
Wednesday, 12th October 2017

"While still in the early stages of its implementation, China’s Belt and Road initiative is transforming Asia. China is currently leading over US$926 billion worth of infrastructure projects under the initiative, with the aim of increasing r...

Turkey - Surge in Diplomacy, Action in Mediation
Sunday, 2nd October 2017

"The fourth edition of the Istanbul Conference on Mediation took place on 30th June 2017  with the theme: "Surge in Diplomacy, Action in Mediation." Experts, diplomats, practitioners and...

International - OECD publishes peer review reports on tax dispute resolution in US, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK
Tuesday, 27th September 2017

"The OECD has today published peer review reports that assess the tax treaty dispute resolution process of six countries: Full text >
International - Private Dispute Resolution in International Business; Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration - Book Review

Thursday, 8th September 2017

"This is a book review of Private Dispute Resolution in International Business: Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration [Wolters Kluw...

International - Mediation 2017: Roundtable
Monday, 29th August 2017

"Who’s Who Legal brings together Alan Limbury at Strategic Resolution, Rosemary Jackson QC at Keating Chambers and Allan Stitt at ADR Chambers to discuss recent developments in the field of mediation including its increasing popularity, the ...

International - Brexit and business: what do the EU-Japan negotiations mean for post-Brexit dispute resolution?
Sunday, 21st August 2017

"Earlier this year, we Full text >

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