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Tuesday, December 18th 2018
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Mediate and make money

Monday, 28th November 2017

"It is erroneous to believe, as some people do, that information disseminated in respect of the practice and procedures of mediation are meant for individual or family use only. It is agreed that mediation is a relatively new process and that many are yet to come to grasp with it. That notwithstanding, the seeming apathy of some corporate organizations in respect of mediation programmes leaves much to be desired. Elsewhere around the globe, smart companies are making more money mediating their issues and staving off litigations and accompanying costs, through In-house mediation programmes they have in place.

Since we learn from the stories of others, I have this week decided to share the experiences of corporates who have literarily found gold setting up in-house mediation programs and staying out of litigation. The excerpts are culled from a publication of the Harvard Negotiation Law Review."

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