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Saturday, October 31st 2020
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The politics of mediation
Thursday, 13th March 2020

"US President Donald Trump in India recently reiterated his desire to mediate the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan. This statement shunned Indian policymakers while Pakistan joyously welcomed it and PM Imran dubbed it a diplomatic victor...

The ADR Initiative: Resolving conflict constructively
Wednesday, 27th February 2020

"Conflict is a fact of life. Every relationship is a maze one must navigate through to find the best deal for one’s self. Relationships may they be professional or personal always carry an element of competing interests which often...

Sindh govt asked to introduce alternative dispute resolution for petty issues
Wednesday, 27th February 2020

"KARACHI: Police authorities have proposed an amendment in the existing police law to introduce an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism to address minor offences and social problems, which sometimes lead to heinous crimes, it emerged on ...

Dispute resolution council to be set up in Bajaur
Sunday, 16th December 2019

"KHAR: The police department announced here the other day that a dispute resolution council (DRC) would be set up in Bajaur tribal district for resolution of disputes among the people on the pattern of traditional jirga system."Read in...

ADR system can maintain cordial business ties with friendly countries like China
Wednesday, 19th September 2019

"International arbitration through court is tiresome and time taking, which may be replaced with the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) system to maintain cordial business relations with the friendly countries like China".An em...

Pakistan seeks convening of TIFA meeting
Tuesday, 24th July 2019

"Pakistan will seek engagement with the United States in the economic and trade arena, while emphasizing the need for early convening of the next round of Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) meeting during the ongoing visit of Prime...

RITBA demands tax dispute resolution mechanism
Tuesday, 15th May 2019

"Rawalpindi Islamabad Tax Bar Association (RITBA) on Thursday said an efficient tax dispute resolution mechanism can resolve conflicts in a proper manner and help restore taxpayers’ confidence.

Sindh committed to success of ADR mechanism
Sunday, 15th April 2019

"Karachi   -   Sindh Judicial Academy in collaboration with Legal Aid Society (LAS) on Saturday organized International Conference on Alternative Dispute Resolution at a local hotel. The conference aimed at focusing on media...

Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) Resolves 300 Cases In One Year
Sunday, 15th April 2019

"Dir Lower, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 11th Apr, 2019 ) :Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) amicably resolved as many as 300 cases out of a...

FJA holds certificate awarding ceremony
Monday, 19th March 2019

"ISLAMABAD  -    The Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad, held certificate awarding ceremony at conclusion of one-week capacity building training course for civil judges from all over Pakistan here at the Academy on Saturday...

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