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Wednesday, May 23rd 2018
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The promise and practice of ADR in Pakistan
Sunday, 14th May 2018

"Legal experts, judges believe that Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism is the only way to shed backlog of cases and achieve speedy justice ISLAMABAD: The term Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) may sound and

Islamabad Declaration 2018
Sunday, 14th May 2018

"The declaration passed at the eighth annual Judicial Conference on Saturday covered a wide gamut of topics, as diverse as the personal motivations of the various participants. Unsurprisingly the comments made by the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP...

8th judicial conference stresses on effective dispute resolution mechanism for CPEC
Sunday, 14th May 2018

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NA body discusses draft Trade Dispute Resolution Act
Sunday, 23rd April 2018

"ISLAMABAD - National Assembly Standing Committee on Commerce and Textile Monday desired that the rules should be framed keeping in view expeditious resolution of the disputes while drafting Trade Dispute Resolution Act, 2018.

Quarterly Review: DRCs settles 727 petty disputes
Tuesday, 11th April 2018


Courts and panchayats
Wednesday, 15th February 2018

"...A very significant initiative to reform this situation has been taken recently in Punjab. The Lahore High Court, under the leadership of Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, adopted Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) into the province’s judicial syste...

Traders for settling trade disputes at ADRC
Wednesday, 15th February 2018

"LAHORE - The business community has called for ...

ADR centres produce remarkable results for speedy Justice; CJ LHC
Wednesday, 1st February 2018

"RAWALPINDI: The concept of setting up Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) centers in the province has produced remarkable results for speedy disposal of cases, said Chief Justice Lahore High Court(LHC) Syed Mansoor Ali Shah here Tuesday.

New law in the offing for effective resolution of trade disputes
Wednesday, 18th January 2018

"ISLAMABAD: The Trade Dispute Resolution Organization (TDRO) gave a detailed presentation on the draft law of Trade Dispute Settlement Act which envisaged the f...

Endless feuds: DRC resolved 1.779 disputes in 2017
Saturday, 7th January 2018

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