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Thursday, October 1st 2020
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NA passes Alternate Dispute Resolution Bill

Sunday, 13th February 2017

"National Assembly Friday passed “The Alternate Dispute Resolution Bill, 2017” with some amendments proposed by Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaaf.
Law Minister Zahid Hamid who moved the bill termed the bill important, historic and according to the manifesto of PML-N. He said under the bill Alternate Dispute Resolution will be introduced both in civil and criminal cases. He said the system will be compulsorily applicable to twenty-three types of cases. The system will have components of conciliation, arbitration and panchayat.
He pointed out on Thursday the House passed a revolutionary “Cost of Litigation” Bill, which will help provide inexpensive and speedy justice to the people. He said the bill is according to the vision of the Prime Minister and manifesto of PML-N.
He said under the bill neutral person will be appointed by the government after consultation with the High Court with consensus of the parties involved in a dispute. He pointed out that initially the legislation will be implemented in the federal capital.
PPP MNA Nafeesa Shaha objected to the Bill saying that women were exploited in the Jirgas. She complained that women were not given representation in the Alternate Dispute Reposition forum."

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