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Thursday, October 1st 2020
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Speedy injustice

Tuesday, 22nd February 2017

"Over the years, the state in Pakistan has surrendered some of its key functions to the private sector. Education, health and housing instantly spring to the mind as examples of areas where the private sector has stepped in. Now it appears that the state is taking its hands off, fulfilling what is arguably its most vital responsibility: providing justice to the people.

This is evident from the ADR Bill, 2017, which was recently passed by the National Assembly. The proposed statute – which will initially apply to the federal capital only – aims to provide speedy and inexpensive justice to people by replacing formal litigation and adjudication by the courts with alternative dispute resolution in the scheduled category of cases. The avowed objective is one with which no one, for sure, can disagree. Justice is the securest basis of any society and the dispensation of justice in a timely and hassle-free manner is important. However, the mechanism described in the new legislation – through which the government is seeking to carry out this function – is dubious."

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