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Friday, December 14th 2018
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ADR centres decide 6,812 cases in 191 days

Saturday, 7th January 2018

"Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) centres, set up in 36 districts across the province, decided 6,812 cases in 191 days.
According to statistics, released by the Lahore High Court (LHC), 10,637 references were forwarded to the ADR centres from June 1 to Dec 8, 2017.
These cases included criminal cases, civil cases, family disputes, guardianship cases, rent issues, appeals and others.
However, 939 cases were sent back due to absence of the parties and the mediation failed in 1,545 cases, but 6,812 cases were successfully mediated.
Thirty-eight ADR centres have been set up in all 36 districts of the province whereas 35 civil judges, two additional sessions judges and one session judge were assigned the task at these centres.
The decision to establish these ADR centres at district courts was made after observing results of similar initiatives in other countries to dispense speedy justice.
The alternative dispute resolution centres work via a neutral third person helping the rival parties reach a voluntary resolution over any dispute. Mediation is an informal, confidential and flexible process in which the mediator helps the parties understand the interests of everyone involved, and their practical and legal choices.
The centres can help people resolve their matters in a less adversarial setting."

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