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Thursday, October 1st 2020
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Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Paradigm Shift in Pakistan’s Justice System?
Sunday, 31st July 2017

"According to the World Justice Project’s latest 

Dispute resolution by ICJ
Thursday, 9th June 2017

"International Court of Justice (ICJ) was established under Article 36 (2) of ICJ Statute. The court has jurisdiction in settling disputes between UN member states. India and Pakistan are two neighbours, which despite members of UN are daggers dra...

ADR centres made functional
Thursday, 9th June 2017

"SIALKOT/GUJRANWALA/JHANG/ -   HAFIZABAD/KASUR --  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) centres have started functioning in Sialkot and Gujranwala like other districts of Punjab province so as to ease heavy burden on the courts and pro...

An alternative forum to dispense speedy justice
Tuesday, 24th May 2017


Senate panel approves amendments to alternative dispute resolution bill
Friday, 6th May 2017

"A Senate panel on Tuesday unanimously approved amendments to the alternative dispute resolution bill.

TDRO to settle trade related disputes
Monday, 25th April 2017

"The government has established Trade Dispute Resolution Organization (TDRO) to deal with disputes of traders and settle them at institutional level.It was stated by Minister for Commerce Khuram Dastgir while responding to a supplementary q...

Pakistan Moves Forward On Dispute Resolution
Tuesday, 12th April 2017

"Pakistan has launched an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution service for taxpayers to mediate in disputes with the Federal Board of Revenue.&...

Debate on dispute resolution bill heats up
Tuesday, 12th April 2017

"ISLAMABAD: The chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Law and Justice had to step in as mediator on Wednesday when a heated argument broke out between members of the committee during a discussion on a bill aimed at resolving disputes through m...

More judges for dispute resolution centres
Thursday, 7th April 2017

"LAHORE: Lahore High Court Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah said on Saturda...

Dispute Resolution: Conciliatory bodies to tackle cases
Thursday, 31st March 2017

"The conciliatory committee system can handle cases of minor nature, helping police save precious time and focus attention on more important tasks. This was stated by SSP Islamabad Sajid Kiani while addressing an `Open Kutchery’ of Conciliatory...

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