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Wednesday, January 22nd 2020
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Rs.300bn stuck in appeals: FBR to revise ADR system in budget
Wednesday, 23rd March 2017

"ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to revise the whole system of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) committees in budget (2017-18) under the plan to reduce litigation of Rs 300 billion stuck up in appeals.

Women Leaders Step Up to Strengthen Alternative Dispute Mechanisms in Pakistan
Wednesday, 16th March 2017

"In January, Pakistan’s National Assembly approved a government bill for out-of-court settlements, known as the

Speedy injustice
Tuesday, 22nd February 2017

"Over the years, the state in Pakistan has surrendered some of its key functions to the private sector. Education, health and housing instantly spring to the mind as examples of areas where the private sector has stepped in. Now it appears that the s...

NA passes Alternate Dispute Resolution Bill
Sunday, 13th February 2017

"National Assembly Friday passed “The Alternate Dispute Resolution Bill, 2017” with some amendments proposed by Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaaf.Law Minister Zahid Hamid who moved the bill termed the bill important, historic and accordi...

Blog: A sneak attack
Wednesday, 9th February 2017

"Just when you begin to have a glimmer of hope for progress in Pakistan, they go and do something so regressive that it shocks the boots off everyone. Our esteemed National Assembly has passed a bill legalising the jirga and panchayat systems. Of ...

Dispute Resolution: FTO vows prompt decision on taxpayer complaints
Wednesday, 9th February 2017

"The objective of Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) offices is to provide a prompt and inexpensive way of addressing the grievances of taxpayers against maladministration

Alternative dispute resolution
Wednesday, 9th February 2017

"THE National 

Outsourcing justice
Wednesday, 9th February 2017

"BY passing a bill that gives legal and constitutional cover to the jirga and panchayat system of dispute resolution, the National Assembly has only highlighted its own weaknesses. The non-serious approach to the matter must also be criticised: only ...

Alternate dispute resolution centre on the cards
Saturday, 5th February 2017

"LAHORE - Chief Justice of Lahore High Court Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah has said that collaboration between Judiciary and private sector could be a game changer.

Commercial litigation: chaos and cure
Wednesday, 12th January 2017

"The process of civil litigation, particularly in matters involving huge amounts, is dysfunctional in Punjab. Much of it can be traced back to the fact that all civil cases, including major ones involving immense financial stakes, are left up to t...

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